New Website


Zoozii’s has a great new website!  We have had the same site for over 10 years, and it had become dated and disjointed.  It needed more than a little updating!  I reached out to many of you last year to see where we can improve our business, I was excited with how in sync the responses were.  The core ideas were:

  • Changes to the shopping functions on the site would be helpful.
  • More pics that gave a clearer example of the finished project and more dimensions.
  • The quality and usability of our tools were raved about, so no improvement needed there!
  • We had a couple suggestions for ship times, but overall that was still really spot on and you were happy.

Armed with that valuable information (Thank you to everyone who replied!  I hope you enjoyed your thank you gift), I set out to explore our options, and then move everything over.

We have moved to a new platform and the change has provided a much cleaner, visually pleasing and functional shopping experience!  Moving the products myself allowed me to insure that each listing had all the necessary components to make shopping easy!

  • Images (there are a few more to come)
  • Measurements
  • Descriptions
  • Links to tutorials (more of those are coming too)
  • Mandrel information and modification options

It’s easy to shop!  The platform is robust with many options for additional features, which we are exploring, so you can expect more fun in the future.

For now, you can head on over and see the direction we are headed in and let me know in the comments here what you love most!  Thank you for your continued support of our family owned and operated business.  We strive to give you the highest quality lampwork tools, providing you with the canvas for your artwork!

Video Tutorial: Crystal

Have you seen the most recent video tutorial on our YouTube Channel?  Have you liked our channel so you are updated when new videos are uploaded?

I love this wonderful tutorial by Shelia Davis using the ZooziiCrystal press!

Has summer heat arrived where you are?  It can be hard to torch when it gets too hot. Here is a great idea for cooling off, and the side effect, added energy and great respiratory support!


A new tutorial!

You can learn how to make a bead using the Straight Sided Pillow Trio Large, by watching the video tutorial I just created!  I’ve been wanting to make videos for a while and I’ve been asked to create them more and more lately, so here is my first one, in what will be a series of video tutorials!  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Was the information in this video helpful?  Are you inspired to create beads with this tool?  What tip jumped out to you?

And don’t forget to jump on over to our website to see all the size options and have one shipped right to your home or studio!!

Discount Wednesday: Cozy Home!

Everyone makes a big deal out of Spring Cleaning!  I prefer Fall cleaning.  I live in NH where we have snow on the ground for up to 6 months a year!  I find giving the house a great overhall in Fall sets the stage for hunkering down for the Fall and Winter.  The cleaning, decluttering and organizing that I did this fall has inspired me to make some different storage solutions for my home, as well as spruce some of the rooms!

Winter is a great time for these projects since I can be outside planting the garden or making repairs to farm buildings!  How about you?  Do you find that you enjoy sprucing the house during the winter months?

I found this fabulous website many years ago, and I still love going to look at the plans she has available.  I think this dresser with some new knobs will be a great winter project!

We have several knob shapes to choose from!  All of them are on sale for $10.00 off! The knob inserts I sell are made by Marj Bates of  She is the original inventor of this type of system.  She’s been making knobs for over 20 years, and I was super excited to partner with her, because I value and honor the creative process, and giving credit where credit is due!  These are top notch inserts made of steel, and they work great, look professional and are super easy to use!  I recommend adding them to your cart!  You’ll love the creating process with Marj’s inserts and your new ZooziiKnob Press!

The Original Round Knob Press!

Knob tutorials!  Bar Knob, the adorable Heart Knob, the original Round Knob.


My current favorite knob shape, Faceted Hex!

See all the knob presses on our website!

It’s hip to be Square!

In 2002 my dad and I created the first square shaped brass press. We designed it, and then dad made it for me for Christmas! Showing beads I made with it in an online forum gallery catapulted us into Lampwork Tool Makers.

When we started selling it, we called it the pillow press. It was a square version of a lentil press. Since then we’ve created a Straight Sided version that is beautiful and feels so nice in the hand. Both styles of Pillow Press are on Sale today! $10.00 off each press, order as many sizes as you want! Discount: HipToBe

This is the press that started it all. The Christmas Gift my dad made for me 12 years ago!


The Pillow has been a fabulous canvas for the artwork of many artists over the years.  Kim Neely of Bluff Road Art Glass really made the press shine with her ZooziiZoo Set, shortly after the press was released!

Zooziizoo set by Bluff Road Art Glass

The Straight Sided Version is one of my all time favorite shapes!  It’s so user friendly and the straight sides allows for beautiful bead holes, every time!

Share the Love!

This is a month we often think about those we love.  It’s also a good month to be getting ready for your Valentine bead making needs!  Let’s share some love!

The Zoozii Heart Presses are each $10.00 off!  Buy as many as you want!  Various sizes and in 2 different formats, slim and puffy!  Simply use the discount code: ShareLove during checkout and the discount will be applied!  If you want to see all the sale presses in one place, I made them their own page!  Sale Hearts

The Puffy Hearts, call the Lovin’, need a little explanation.  They are very easy, but the press isn’t as clearly obvious as the slim/flat hearts, because you make the heart into the press. Here is the tutorial, showing how easy it is to use, and how forgiving it is.  It also allows for tweaks in style.  These are chocolates made by Jennifer Gurganus with the Lovin’ Medium!  Yum!!


Here is a great size comparison for the Sweet Heart options.  The Mini and Small come together is one press.  The Medium Tile and Medium come together in a second press and the large and XL come in their own presses!


Discount Wednesday!

Through the Month of December, I’ll be giving a discount on a selected press, each Wednesday!  This is our first Wednesday, and the discount is for the Snowflake Trio!

snowflakeThis press allows you to make tabs with raised snowflakes in 3 sizes!  18mm, 21mm or 1″.  Great sizes for jewelry, ornaments and pretty packaging accents!  You will receive $10.00 off this press until Midnight tonight!  Please spread the word, so all your friends can get in on this fun deal!

Happy December, and if there is real snow in your life, may it be fluffy and beautiful on the grass, homes and trees, but melt on the roads and walkways by morning!