Press Strap…Leash…

August 17, 2012

I was torching during open torch night at the Gathering, demonstrating how to use the awesome bubble press to a lovely group of folks, when someone came up behind me and handed me a little silicon loop with a ribbon sewn across the middle.  “These are for you.  Can you tell what they are?” She says.  She then proceeded to show me how it works.  You put one end over one pin, and the other end over the other, to keep the top of your press and the bottom of your press together!  Brilliant.  The adorable little ribbon accent works to keep the silicon loop from sliding off the other corners.  Seriously, I’ll say it again, Brilliant!!  This will make storing and moving ZooziiTools so much easier.  Shannon is a clever woman, for sure!  They would be simple enough to make yourself, with a little ribbon, a silicon hair tie and a needle and thread.  If you’d like to see them sold in our store, let us know in the thread about them on our Facebook page!  What to call them?  Strap?  Leash?


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