Torching with a friend

August 22, 2012

Today I went to my friend’s studio to make beads.  She has a great little bead cottage with two torches set up, so it’s perfect.  We chatted and torched, took a lunch break, and went back for more torching.  Oh, and lunch today was awesome!!  She made the best corn chowder I’ve ever had, and I think very highly of my own corn chowder, so that was no small feat.  I brought homemade cornbread.  One might think that sounded like a very fall lunch, but when corn is in season now, we can handle eating a chowder, with fresh corn, even if the weather is a little on this side of warm.

I love getting together to torch.  It’s very inspiring.  Being in someone else’s studio has a set of challenges, like when you forget your favorite glass pushing tool, or think of a glass you left home that would work perfectly with this, but she’s very generous with her glass and tools, so there is no shortage of plan B!

Everything is in the kiln right now, because I put them in the kiln while we are working, transfer them to fiber blankets to come home, and then anneal them properly here.  I did have one big disappointment when I was transferring them to my kiln.  A bead I made using enamels, was set next to a lovely bead made with double helix and they bonded over a little white wine with cheese and crackers…okay I made up the wine and crackers part, but the bonding happened, and the removal didn’t go so well.

It’s very sad, because it came out great, the skinny little string was right where I wanted and the red is crisp and beautiful, and the balloon wraps around the end of the bead.  I will have to do it again, because I love it, but let’s have a moment of silence for this little fella…Thank you.

The back is where the problem came in…

Most everything else looked great when I was putting them in the kiln, so I’m hopeful for what is coming out tomorrow!

Do you torch with, or collaborate in some way with someone else?  Has it inspired you in some way?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on being creative with friends!


3 thoughts on “Torching with a friend

  1. Hey Amy! Just subscribed to your fabulous blog. I’m going to my studio in a few minutes and will remind myself of the official name of my favorite Zoozii’s press. It’s eithe the “chicklet” or lentil with straight sides. But I will decide momentarily and comment on you FB post. :). My goodness I can’t wait until cooler fall temps so I can torch without feeling faint from heat!

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