Fun Find! Sale and Free Press!

I found this adorable little book while poking through antique stores with my friend the other day.

I love the kids on the front watching him blow glass over a candle…and I sometimes wish my MiniCC was a little more powerful!

The weather is cooling off in my little part of the world, inspiring me to head to the torch a little more often, lately.  How about you?  Is the weather better suited for torch time where you are?

I’m running a little sale on Facebook, and here.  I find, time after time, when asked what the favorite press, my customers list of many great tools, but the one that is mentioned most often is the Straight Sided Lentil.

Do you love your SSL?
Do you want one in another size, or thickness?
Well for the rest of today, and all day tomorrow, the Original and Slim versions, in all sizes, are on sale! 15% off!
Use the code: SSL15
Everyone who purchases a SSL during the sale will be entered to win a free press. Want another option for entry?
You can go to our facebook page, and  “share” the post about the sale from there, on your own page, so all your facebook glass friends can join in the fun, too. All who share will be entered, so that could be 2 entries if you want to share and buy. Sale and entries for the free tool end Tuesday 9/11 at midnight.

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