Zoozii’s is Going on the Road!

YAY!  I have exciting news.  Okay, I’ll start with what most applies to you…

If you live near Lorton VA, I hope to see you at the demo I’m presenting at the Workhouse Arts Center!  On Sunday, September 23, from 1-3  I will be demonstrating the tools, followed by an opportunity for you to use the tools with coaching!  I will have a modest inventory with me for purchasing at the demo.  You will have a chance to ask questions, learn how I approach a press, get one on one coaching, and have a grand ole’ time!

If you are coming and want to email me ahead, I can bring down orders for you, which will ensure I have what you want with your name on it ready for you.  Maybe you have a tool you’ve been debating, but you’d like to see first hand, let me know that and I’ll bring it down, and you can decide on it down there.  Finally, if there is a tool you’d like to see in action, I’m taking requests!  So let me know what you’d like to see demonstrated.

This is going to be a heap load of fun, and I’m super excited!  I hope to see you there.

Now for the exciting news that pertains mostly to me…hehehe…  I’m going to spend the whole day on September 22 taking classes with Kerry Bogert at ArtBliss!!  I’m going to be learning some of her awesome lampwork/metal techniques from her new book “Rustic Wrappings”.  I’m also taking her photo class, in the hopes my bead photography can improve making for more bead pics on the Zoozii’s site, as well as sharing my work and even selling it.  It’s piling up since the Gathering, but my pics are frustrating me.  I’m excited to learn from Kerry, who has totally awesome lampwork pictures!

kit 1

The kit for Kerry’s class…doesn’t that look fun!  There are still more spots.  Join me!

Are you going to ArtBliss?  Can you come to our fun Demo afternoon?



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