Emerging March 15, 2013

Have you ever felt like you were physically emerging from a hole or tunnel, after a period of life being crazy?  I felt like that today.  The past 2 weeks have been not just busy, but so many things needing to be coordinated, all at once, with many people involved, as well as lots of activities that were out of my comfort zone.  I’m heading into this weekend, with the last of some loose ends to get tied up, and to get back to life as usual…at least that is what I can see from my current life vantage point!

One of the things that was outside my comfort zone was submitting 2 tutorials to Soda Lime Times for the April issue of their great glass magazine!  I am thankful to Diane for the opportunity, and it was a blast!  If you’d like to see the tutorials, subscribe to her online magazine.

My first tutorial was a fun technique for adding depth to buttons made on a cabochon mandrel.  The tutorial shows you how to convert the cabochon to a button, as well.  I love these buttons!

ButtonsTools needed for this tutorial, as published  1″ Round Cabochon Mandrel, Bullseye Texture Plate and Domed Marver.

The second tutorial is how to make a Hex Knob, using our Hex Knob press.  I demonstrate how to outline those facets, that are just calling out to be shown off.  This knob reminds me of a Tiffany Lampshade.FinishedWhiteFrontTools needed for this tutorial, as published, Hex Knob Press, Make-A-Knob Kit, or buy them together for a little less!

I had a lot of fun with the tutorials, and I hope you find them fun, helpful and inspirational!  Having these 2 under my belt, has me itching to try a few more.

In addition to magazine deadlines, the studio has undergone a very exciting change!  A widow!!  A 5 foot by 6 foot window, on the south side of the house!  The sun that comes in there now is beautiful!  We installed a new ventilation system too.  The ventilation used to be a kitchen fan in the window, but now the ventilation is in the wall, so that little east facing window has been freed up too!  Light, makes ALL the difference.  The studio has a fair amount of work left to be done, including taping/mudding/sanding/priming/and painting the walls, finding the perfect studio table, constructing proper glass storage, and some built in shelving for miscellaneous supplies, but even being in this very “yet to be done” space is such a pleasure, so it can only get better from here!

South Facing window, overlooking the pasture.

South Facing window, overlooking the pasture.

You can expect to see pictures of the various animals you’ll see out my window, while I torch, as this window overlooks the pasture on my small farm!

Well, hopefully I have emerged from this hole and a little rest can get me back into a rhythm!

It’s our birthday this month, so we need to get this party started!  So some of the busy has been behind the scenes fun, for some great new tools!  I’m super excited…I hope you will be too!


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