We play well with others!

The combination of a round CG Beadroller and a Slim Straight Sided Lentil (Spree) can make judging glass for intricate designs a little easier!

Lori Bergmann figured out a fabulous trick for making her awesome zebra beads! She wrote about it in her column in Bead Design Studio, the April 2013 Issue.

Since we all love to play with other glassy folks, we decided to join together to share with you all the great tools necessary for you to try this yourself!  You have 3 places to enter, and 3 places to win, in our Cross-Promotion Giveaway!!

Lori is offering the magazine that contains the tutorial on her blog, along with the set of beads made for the tutorial!  Head over to her blog to enter to win!


Donna is offering the Round Beadroller on her blog!  You can enter for that on her site!

Zebra Fig.12(w)

Zoozii’s would like to offer a free press to the selected winner here!  So, please enter by commenting on this post!  You can tell us your favorite ZooziiTool, a creative use you have for a ZooziiTool, or How many ZooziiTools you have!  Get a second chance by commenting on our post about the giveaway on Facebook! What are you going to win from Zoozii’s?

A Slim Straight Sided Lentil Trio Small which contain cavities in size 13, 15, 18mm.


A Slim Straight Sided Lentil Trio Large which contain cavities in size 15, 18, and 21!

Lori used the 18mm size cavity so either press will give you the cavity you want.

Zebra Fig.15(w)

Check back here later this week, I’ll be posting my little trick using a bead roller, our press and some double helix glass, which was inspired by Lori sharing her tip with me!

SlimSSL3Lg[1]All 3 giveaways end Monday May 27th, at Midnight, with winners announced, on each page, on Tuesday!!


103 thoughts on “We play well with others!

  1. How many Zoozis presses do I have? Answer: Not enough! Right now I am loving my textured plates with the heart shape plate.

  2. I only have 2 and would love more, but when you live in Denmark it is miner fortune to get one, so a pour student use all the money in glass, 😦 but hope to get some more soon…

  3. I just recently got my first large straight sided Zoozi lentil press and I have gotten so many compliments on the lentil beads that I have made with it. I would love to get more. Thanks for running the contest.

    • It’s fun to melt glass for our own pleasure, but it’s super fun when others notice too! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying your tools!

  4. Out of all of the presses in my little press collection, it’s the Kalera Long that’s my fav. I have some other Zoozii presses, but it seems everything I make with the Kalera comes out great!

  5. I just received my new XL Lentil mold and I would have to say it’s one of my very favorites yet! There is something about adding so much glass to a mold and forming a fantastically huge bead!

  6. I have 3 of your presses, the 1.5 straight-sided lentil, the 1.25 straight-sided lentil, and the diamond trio (I think that’s what it’s called). They are all AWESOME!

  7. Thanks for this great opportunity! I have 15 of your great presses! Two new ones that I’ve yet been able to try out! Busy season in my life, maybe this giveaway will be the spark that ignites my creativity!

  8. Hard to pick a favorite. I get great results with the small lentil trio which is a hard shape to achieve without this press.

  9. I go way back wth Zoozii’s – my first press was the single pillow, and my favorite (of many) is the spree. I have the small, but would love to add the large to my collection!

  10. How cool is that! I constantly struggle with figuring out how much glass for the presses and this solves the problem brilliantly, PLUS gives a great excuse to play with silver glass! Woohoo!

  11. When I started lampworking, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to press glass…within the first two years, I now have 10 of them (all Zooziis) and couldn’t see myself working without them! Current favorite is the Stright sided large plus lentil…would love to add to my collection another Zooziis press!

  12. Love all my Zoozii’s presses. But my favorite is the special nugget press. I think the rectangular shape is modern and feminine.

  13. I just have 3 — lentil trio and kalera L&L are my faves. The SSL has been on my wish list for a long time now… Congratulations to whoever wins!!

  14. I have 14 Zooziis presses including the Slim Straight Sided Lentil Trio Large. I also get my 5/64″ mandrels from Zooziis. I just ordered the Original Straight Sided Lentil Large (1″). It is listed as a favorite press in the book “Glass Bead Trip” by Claudia Trimbur-Pagel.

  15. My favorite Zoozi’s press is the lentil trio. It makes perfectly sized lentil beads for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings!

  16. My favorite? All of them! How many, I lost count, and I don’t want to get out of bed to go check! I use my lentil press to make turtles for kids at shows that I do around the state. It’s the perfect size for making them large enough for detailing, but small enough that the kids can put them on a cord to wear!
    The first press I ever bought was a Zoozii pillow press, and I really love that one too!
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to check the other ladies blogs in this fun way, what a great idea!

  17. I’m pretty sure this is one of the few presses of yours I don’t have. I’d love to have it. I love your presses.

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