Share the Love!

This is a month we often think about those we love.  It’s also a good month to be getting ready for your Valentine bead making needs!  Let’s share some love!

The Zoozii Heart Presses are each $10.00 off!  Buy as many as you want!  Various sizes and in 2 different formats, slim and puffy!  Simply use the discount code: ShareLove during checkout and the discount will be applied!  If you want to see all the sale presses in one place, I made them their own page!  Sale Hearts

The Puffy Hearts, call the Lovin’, need a little explanation.  They are very easy, but the press isn’t as clearly obvious as the slim/flat hearts, because you make the heart into the press. Here is the tutorial, showing how easy it is to use, and how forgiving it is.  It also allows for tweaks in style.  These are chocolates made by Jennifer Gurganus with the Lovin’ Medium!  Yum!!


Here is a great size comparison for the Sweet Heart options.  The Mini and Small come together is one press.  The Medium Tile and Medium come together in a second press and the large and XL come in their own presses!



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