Discount Wednesday: Cozy Home!

Everyone makes a big deal out of Spring Cleaning!  I prefer Fall cleaning.  I live in NH where we have snow on the ground for up to 6 months a year!  I find giving the house a great overhall in Fall sets the stage for hunkering down for the Fall and Winter.  The cleaning, decluttering and organizing that I did this fall has inspired me to make some different storage solutions for my home, as well as spruce some of the rooms!

Winter is a great time for these projects since I can be outside planting the garden or making repairs to farm buildings!  How about you?  Do you find that you enjoy sprucing the house during the winter months?

I found this fabulous website many years ago, and I still love going to look at the plans she has available.  I think this dresser with some new knobs will be a great winter project!

We have several knob shapes to choose from!  All of them are on sale for $10.00 off! The knob inserts I sell are made by Marj Bates of  She is the original inventor of this type of system.  She’s been making knobs for over 20 years, and I was super excited to partner with her, because I value and honor the creative process, and giving credit where credit is due!  These are top notch inserts made of steel, and they work great, look professional and are super easy to use!  I recommend adding them to your cart!  You’ll love the creating process with Marj’s inserts and your new ZooziiKnob Press!

The Original Round Knob Press!

Knob tutorials!  Bar Knob, the adorable Heart Knob, the original Round Knob.


My current favorite knob shape, Faceted Hex!

See all the knob presses on our website!


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