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Zoozii’s has a great new website!  We have had the same site for over 10 years, and it had become dated and disjointed.  It needed more than a little updating!  I reached out to many of you last year to see where we can improve our business, I was excited with how in sync the responses were.  The core ideas were:

  • Changes to the shopping functions on the site would be helpful.
  • More pics that gave a clearer example of the finished project and more dimensions.
  • The quality and usability of our tools were raved about, so no improvement needed there!
  • We had a couple suggestions for ship times, but overall that was still really spot on and you were happy.

Armed with that valuable information (Thank you to everyone who replied!  I hope you enjoyed your thank you gift), I set out to explore our options, and then move everything over.

We have moved to a new platform and the change has provided a much cleaner, visually pleasing and functional shopping experience!  Moving the products myself allowed me to insure that each listing had all the necessary components to make shopping easy!

  • Images (there are a few more to come)
  • Measurements
  • Descriptions
  • Links to tutorials (more of those are coming too)
  • Mandrel information and modification options

It’s easy to shop!  The platform is robust with many options for additional features, which we are exploring, so you can expect more fun in the future.

For now, you can head on over and see the direction we are headed in and let me know in the comments here what you love most!  Thank you for your continued support of our family owned and operated business.  We strive to give you the highest quality lampwork tools, providing you with the canvas for your artwork!


2 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Thanks so much for the update! I thought you were gone! I look forward to checking out the new website!


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