How are you sleeping?

I told you we’d be talking about sleep more going forward!  It’s important.  Here is another Sleep Tip! Create a calm environment in your room.  If you can, remove the TV.  Whether you can do that or not, look at the room and decide if the space makes you feel restful. Are there piles of laundry waiting to be folded, or put away?  Is there a pile of books/magazines next to your bed that you aren’t going to read any time soon? Is the lighting restful?  Is the bedding comfortable? You get the idea.  Create a restful environment so you can enjoy a restful night sleep.


I invite you to share one thing you are going to change about your room to encourage a better night sleep.  I decluttered my bedside table!  It feels really nice to not be sleeping next to a bunch of stuff!  I also opted to charge my phone in the living room instead of next to my bed!  aaaahhhhh.


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