Set the stage for Creativity

We talked about setting the stage for rest in your bedroom, now let’s talk about setting the stage for creativity in your studio…even if that studio is the end of a dining room table…with good ventilation and propane outside, of course! But back to setting the stage.

First, how do you feel when you sit down? Overwhelmed?  Is there too much stuff out?  I’m not telling you what it “should” look like, you decide that, but you want to feel inspired, not expired, when you enter the space.

When I’m in a torch session sometimes lots of things will come to the table.  Different frit, various tools, presses and glass will wander into the mix.  I don’t use all those things all the time, but I did use them all last time.  I probably torched right up to the last minute I had available, so it’s all still sitting right there.  I often find that when I put away a few of the things I don’t intend to use this time, so my bench only has what I tend to use, I feel more inspired.

Other ways to set the stage:

Hang inspiring art in your view.  Something that makes you feel the way you want to feel at the torch.  Something with colors that spark your creativity!

Music! I tend to listen to audio books and podcasts when I torch.  For the most part that works fine and it let’s me connect with great content that supports my mindset!  One of my favorite books lately for supporting the way I think is “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks.  That all works when I am in the zone.  When torching is going well, when creativity is flowing.  When things are stuck, when I’m struggling to find a direction to go, then I move to music!  I have a couple albums that really make me smile!  I will be belting out the words, off key which is fine by the way!  This can get my energy moving!

Add aroma to your space! Did you know essential oils are a great way to enhance creativity?  Diffusing essential oils allows them to enter the nasal passage, communicate to the receptor sites there, which pass that message onto the emotional brain.  Wild orange is a super simple oil to open your creativity.  It’s the oil of Abundance, and creativity enjoys an abundant state.  A state of being open to new possibilities!  There are other great oils and oil combos that you can learn more about at!

A simple way to add this aroma to your space is with a diffuser. This is a simple device that typically has a well for water, that you fill to the indicator and then add 2-3 drops of essential oil.  Super simple!  Turn it on and you are impacting your creative brain!



Note: I would suggest not having it on your bench, but rather behind your shoulder so that the aroma is drawn past you through the ventilation.  But it sure looks pretty there!





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