Wasting Glass!

If you make something in pursuit of creativity it is NOT wasting glass.  I often see people asking questions online about how to do something in glass. Looking for specifics, even for basic concepts.  It’s fine to ask for help, it’s fine to purchase tutorial from those who have mastered a particular technique that you want to learn.  But are you asking to avoid making mistakes?  Being afraid to try and fail stifles creativity, of any kind!

While learning from others and collaboration is important and valuable, so is making a mess.  Melting glass that will not be sold, or even worn, is part of the process.  One of the quickest ways to choke the flow of creativity is to demand that you produce specific results.  There is time for production work.  Work that is tried and true, work that lets you sit down at the torch and walk away at the end with a kiln filled with known results.  Sometimes creativity shows up in those productivity sessions, for sure. But if your goal is exploration, you can’t just follow the map, you need to go off the path a bit. You have to be willing to not know the results.

If you need something to do with the glass that doesn’t make the cut, you can give them to kids for fairy houses, fairies love glassy goodness…so do little kids!


What do you do with glass that doesn’t measure up?


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