Dump it!

We all have multifaceted lives.  We wear many hats and many people expect things from us.  That is mostly fine.  It is not always easy to shift gears when you want to go from giver (mom, wife, friend, volunteer, etc) to receiver of creativity.  Yes, creativity is not a giving act, it’s a receiving act.  Giving can be done by will.  Receiving largely comes from surrender.  You may still be giving your gifts or talents to the world in the finished piece, but you received before you gave. Receiving is more challenging for many of us, than giving.  Consider how easy receiving is for you.  If someone compliments you do you take it in, feel the feeling and say “Thank you”…or do you deflect, by telling how much better they are, or diminish by telling them it’s an old dress, or you’ve been fighting with your hair for days and was just glad it was presentable today?  How you take a compliment can be a great indicator of how well you receive.

How can we set ourselves up to receive?  There are several answers to this, and some of what I already shared has been setting the stage for this, like the joy list, sleep and other self care ideas.

Here is a super straightforward, practical action… The Brain Dump!  That’s right, sit down and make the lists.  What needs to be done.  Who needs to be called.  What you forgot to do yesterday.  Get it all out on paper…or in your electronic list app, but I do think there is greater value in this exercise if it is written down.  Now look at the list and say, “You are important and I will get to you. Right now I am taking 1 hour in my studio. When I am done, I’ll be back.  You wait here.”  You just put your responsibilities into perspective and gave yourself permission to enjoy your time in your studio!  Now go enjoy it!  The list is waiting like a sloth…it’s not in a hurry, it knows you will be back.

I like to have a notebook in the studio, too, so if I think of something that needs to be done, I can write it down, release and keep going!

How did you feel when you dumped the cares and worries in a safe place for later?  Did you find you had a clear mind ready to be fully present in your creative time?



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