Play Time!

Play time!!  Are you approaching your torch time with the idea that you must produce?  If you can release the need for the outcome, and instead drop into the joy of the experience, it releases so much of that stagnant energy that comes with must, need, should, have to.

Those words do not evoke a sense of wonder, joy, excitement, experiment.  So let your inner child out to play!  Let him or her play, make a mess, create something!  Have you ever watched a small child paint with acrylic paints for the first time?

Image result for messy paint

That little 4 year old just starts painting, adding colors, and adding more colors and it starts as yellow, add some red, oh, more red…more yellow…now there is a glob of paint so they start to swirl the colors together, a pretty orange is emerging. And in comes the green!  More green…mixing…now there is a brown color forming.  By the time that kiddo is done they have ditched the brush, are covered head to waist in paint, the paint on the paper has all been mixed to various shades of brown, and they are pleased as Punch.

Image result for messy paint

Now go mix, add and get lost in the melting and see what happens…oh, but don’t put your fingers in the flame!


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