Where is your muse?

We often think of our muse as this little fairy like creature that flits and flutters about, looking for inspiration. One of the best descriptions of the muse I’ve heard was that it’s a fat, lazy guy with little motivation.  The idea the speaker shared was that the muse goes where there is action, where someone is already showing up.  The muse is lazy. The muse doesn’t want to have to drag you to the studio.  The muse doesn’t want to sit and explain to you that you really are creative, that your mom/art teacher/sister was wrong, here is a tissue, and a hug.  No the muse wants to show up, see you are in the studio, melting glass, and the he throws you a bone. He adds a little extra sparkle to what is already in the flame.

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How does he find you in the studio? You show up each day, even if it is for 10 minutes. If it can be at the same time each day even better, but really the point here is show up and melt glass!

A Quote from one of my favorite books,  The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, “Someone once asked Somerset Maughham if he wrote on a schedule or only when struck by inspiration. “I write only when inspiration strikes,” he replied. “Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

Don’t wait for the muse. As I’ve said, he’s a hardheaded guy who’s not susceptible to a lot of creative fluttering. This isn’t the Ouija board or the spirit-world we’re talking about here, but just another job like laying pipe or driving long-haul trucks. Your job is to make sure the muse knows where you’re going to be every day from nine ’til noon. or seven ’til three. If he does know, I assure you that sooner or later he’ll start showing up.”― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Will you commit to showing up and melting glass for at least 10 minutes a day for 1 week?  Make your commitment here so we can cheer you on!

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